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Ми працюємо у звичному режимі
Хрусткі чебуреки, соковиті люля-кебаби та шашлики, ароматні хачапурі, салати з цікавими поєднаннями за дуже смачними цінами
Чекаємо на вас щодня: з 12:45 до 23:00!

Our love story ...

About love for Georgian national culture and art, for its hedonistic cuisine, for rich nature. And of course, in the center of this story is the love of the gallant Niko and the fragile Nino. Niko's dad is courageous and strong, he is ready for feats and new achievements, because he knows that faithful Nino will always support him. In addition, she cooks beautifully, which you, our dear guests, can see for yourself, having tasted her khachapuri, khinkali and other Georgian delicacies. Drinking for love, creating masterpieces in the name of this feeling, going crazy and doing the impossible is not a whim, but a Georgian national peculiarity.


Guests are happy to watch a small performance of the sacred rite of preparing their order, admiring the professionalism of the chefs.

The first real lava grill

In the Georgian restaurant Papa Niko we cook dishes on a live fire: delicious kebabs, meat delicacies, fish, vegetables.
Lava stone grill, also called lava grill, volcanic lava grill, lava stone grill or simply lava grill - & nbsp; a method of cooking over an open fire using stones extracted from volcanic lava.

Papa Niko restaurant presents the first real lava grill in Kiev, our pride. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;

optimal heat distribution (food does not burn); & nbsp;
complete preservation of vitamins and microelements, ideal healthy nutrition, including for dieters; & nbsp;
no oil is required for cooking, dishes are prepared or baked in their own juice; & nbsp;
products reveal their natural taste and give amazing taste sensations and aromas.

With love for guests,
with love for life

Dishes are served from under the knife - we cook only after your order, using only fresh farm products.
All sauces are freshly prepared, made according to the author's recipes of the chef Papa Niko.
Healthy sea salt is used in cooking.

Our address

114 Goloseevsky Avenue, Kiev (Goloseevo)

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